Research in Assemblage Point

In United States, Dr Rosa Granadillo-Schwentker have been researching and working in the Assemblage Point for over 10 years.

Assemblage Point treatment in Europe has been pioneered by Dr Jon Whale who has published a considerable amount of articles besides two wonderful books (The Catalyst of Power, 2001; Naked Spirit, 2006).

Rosa Granadillo-Schwentker in Berkeley, California ( believes we can shift this vortex of energy as well as learn easy ways to maintain the shift. She goes further, explaining that Psychology has to do with being a warrior by mastering a science of stalking and dreaming. In the Toltec tradition, warriors are composed of stalkers and dreamers. Dr Granadillo has presented her work and research at numerous national and international conferences and well.

Rosa talks about stalkers as the individuals the that sustain the change after dreamers have performed the shift. Dreamers are the ones that can access and actually see and move the Assemblage Point. Though it is difficult for the energy shift to go through, a challenging aspect of all the process is to “maintain the shift”. As Carlos Castaneda states when saying that “The art of stalkers enters into play after the assemblage point has been displaced. Maintaining the assemblage point fixed in its new position assures sorcerers that they will perceive whatever new world they enter in its absolute completeness, exactly as in the world of ordinary affairs.” (The Active Side of the Infinity, p. 181)

SOME NOTES ON THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT from Power of Silence by Carlos Castaneda
*Since the only energy fields perceivable are those lit by the point of brilliance, that point is named "the point where perception is assembled" or simply "the assemblage point."

*Moving one's assemblage point is an essential maneuver that every sorcerer has to learn.

*While we dream the assemblage point moves very gently and natural.

*The power of man [woman] is incalculable. The intent of death can be suspended by making the assemblage point change positions.

*Perception is the hinge for everything man [woman] is or does, and perception is ruled by the location of the assemblage point. Therefore, if that point changes positions, man's perception of the world changes accordingly.

*The sorcerer who knows exactly where to place his [her] assemblage point can become anything he [she] wants.

*Sorcerers have a rule of thumb: they say that the deeper the assemblage point moves, the greater the feeling that one has knowledge and no words to explain it.


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